New law should help stop illegal constructions

Throughout Slovakia we can see prime examples of illegal constructions that were built without a building permit or other clearance. This state of affairs was mostly due to the fact that the law in this area was too weak, imposing just fines and on rare occasions ordering the removal of the structure.

Now the government wants to change this by amending the Building Act and respective penal codes so as to class illegal construction activities as a crime, with possible jail sentences. The news was announced yesterday by Prime Minister Iveta Radicova.

The government hopes to see the change enter force by July already, says interior minister Daniel Lipsic, who also mentioned the possible establishment of a special police unit, a kind of Construction police.


  1. Mike, beauracracy is everywhere and it’s the existence of this beauracracy that is used to determine whether a society is civilized or not. If one would like to build on one’s own property with one’s own hands, at one’s own expense, one should first do the paperwork!

  2. Build something on your own property, at your own expense, with your own hands? Go to prison, unless the state approves.

    Very, very civilized.

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