New Parliament, New Government, New Hopes

Slovak Parliament (c) The

Tomorrow, 4 April, will see the first session of the new parliament led by PM Robert Fico and his Smer-SD party, at which all elected MPs and those deputising ministers will take their parliamentary oaths.

The 150 MPs will be instated in the morning when they take their oaths, after which President Ivan Gasparovic will appoint the new cabinet of Robert Fico to take power for the next 4-year term of office with his 83/150 parliamentary majority.

The ceremony will be watched over by outgoing caretaker PM Iveta Radicova, whose own government collapsed in October 2011. She has said she would never return to politics or run for the presidential post as she is disgusted by the lack of manners and morals among state officials and lawmakers.

The parliamentary speaker will be Pavol Paska, with his party colleagues from Smer-SD Renáta Zmajkovičová and Jana Laššáková to take up two of the deputy speaker posts. The other two deputy speaker posts will go to Jan Figel from Christian democrats KDH and Erika Jurinova from the Ordinary People and Independent Personalities party (OLaNO) of Igor Matovic.

Source: Statistical Office SR

The composition of the 150-seat parliament is made up of 83 for Smer-SD, 16 each for KDH and OLaNO, 13 for Most-Hid and 11 each for the slumped SDKU and SaS parties.

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