New proposal of Citizenship Act could be another thorn

The disputes over the current semblance of the Citizenship Act, which was promulgated last year by the former government of Robert Fico in reaction to a law adopted in Hungary, look set to continue for some time to come.

Governing coalition party SaS, for instance, supports a new proposal submitted yesterday by its Obycajni Ludia faction, which could be another thorn in the side of the coalition as it goes against the demands of their coalition partner Most-Hid.

The proposal, presented by the head of the four Obycajni Ludia MPs, Igor Matovič, would only allow people to take on dual citizenship subject to certain conditions. These include cases where the applicant has permanent residence in the country, studies, works or conducts business there, or has direct family ties there.

At present anyone requesting dual citizenship (with particular reference to Hungary) would automatically lose their Slovak citizenship. If the new proposal is successful, this severe sanction would apply only to those not satisfying the conditions listed above.

The issue looks set to drag on, as the differing opinions about the shape of the law are often opposing, and so another tough test might await the governing coalition.

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