New Zealand Welcomes 100 Young Slovaks for 12 Months

A 100 young people from Slovakia will have the chance to live and work in New Zealand for a fixed time, while the same number of Kiwis will visit Slovakia, thanks to an agreement signed yesterday by interior minister Daniel Lipsic and New Zealand ambassador Philip Griffiths.

photo: Jayswipe

Young people aged 18-35 can apply for the work vacation programmes, allowing them to stay and work in the other country for up to one year. This makes a difference from the three-month stay permitted for Slovaks to date. Ambassador Griffiths says the programme will give young Slovaks the chance to try New Zealand with the prospect of moving there.


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    Ordinarily people live and learn Moel. You just live.

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  3. Good News must be in very short supply today ? No visit by some minor Minister to another of the former Russian outpost dictatorships, to discuss cross border co-operation and cultural ties then ?

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