Doctors Strike Agreement With Government

Agreed! (c) Lucas

The doctors trade union LOZ, which has been battling fiercely for a better pay offer from the government, has bowed to the pressure and struck an agreement, accepting the government’s proposal subject to it being put into legislation.

Head of LOZ, Marian Kollar, said it was a tough decision to make, but that they had done it also because they cared about the people of the country. Hosopdarske Noviny cites him as saying “It is now up to the government to keep its promise and for the National Council to approve it”.

Doctors should all return to work as soon as the necessary legislation is pushed through parliament,




  1. Agree ??? ……it as agreed that Doctors are Gods and we should all be so grateful they are doing this job . They have obtained a new Public Holiday every 29th February , so we can all go and bow down to them …… Oh and plus 300 quid a month extra in pay , a side of pig once a year in August , a gallon of vodka and a live, flapping 4 kilo carp at Christmas .

    1. George,

      It seems a shame that Slovakia as a society put the salary of a doctor on a par with bank workers, post office workers, and quite possibly tram drivers.

      Many doctors are very close to retirement age, and newly qualified doctors have been leaving in droves as they realise life is easy here only if you go to university to learn how to count other people’s money.

      Don’t you feel they are worth 300 ‘quid’ extra per month? I don’t bow down to anyone, but I understand that there are certain professions in this world that deserve respect, even if you don’t.

  2. What about some details about the agreement….are they getting more salary? what exactly did they agree upon?

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