NGOs Demand Stricter Party Financing Rules

Some key NGOs in Slovakia have submitted a 7-point motion for the government to make party funding stricter and more transparent, instead of the cloudy financing of political parties in place at present.

Just now political parties are not obliged to reveal all their sponsors, and so the latest proposals from  Transparency International (TI), the Institute for Economic and Social Reforms (INEKO) and the Slovak Governance Institute (SGI) include a clause that would limit the amount of funds parliamentary parties receive depending on the amount of donations and how open they are about their sponsors.

The new rules are intended to increase the level of transparency and limit scope for corruption. Among other things, it would force parties to disclose who is donating to their party, something they don’t do at present. Official lists of donors have been posted on the internet regularly since 2009, but they are more symbolic with the total number of sponsors falling dramatically compared to before the rule was introduced.

The NGOs will publish information on 15 February showing which political parties support the motions.

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  1. I think the purpose here of NGO’s is to know where goes the money or
    taxes of people. People have rights to have where their money goes.

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