Nice New Car for University Dean

The dean of Comenius University in Bratislava has come under criticism for purchasing a brand new Mercedes Benz costing EUR 63,000 to be driven around in.

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The rector, Karol Micieta, sees nothing wrong with the purchase, saying how the former 8-year old obsolete Audi had to be replaced and how safety should not be compromised. He also pointed out the importance of representation, saying they did not use it to go shopping.

The dean noted how the school is funded from different sources and acts in a highly transparent way.




  1. A tad off topic but still in the realm of education:
    A two page spread in the local council sponsered rag featuring young ( 8?, 9? maybe 10? ) children, each armed with a brush or roller and a tin of paint, painting their school.
    I am all for children being taught to be part of their community but the blatent abuse of child labour is another issue. The children were pictured painting over the scrawl no doubt left by former or older students at the same school. Parents may be bemused by little Lubo or Saska arriving home blathered in paint and may quite rightly ask why their children are decorating the building with no protective clothing, safety equipment or supervision while the authorities claim they have no money for improvements….. and then put two and two together.

  2. What does the dean of a uni need a bloody car for in the first place? More tax payers money down the drain or into a pocket. No students Union either? or are they quite happy money is spent on such important educational equipment?

  3. CHOFER…Same word used in Spanish……oh the horse such a bad meat for the English.

  4. I have never heard of a dean receiving a car avec driver…
    This makes no sense at all.
    The money could be put towards endless enhancements at the univ.
    The milk doesn’t smell right…

    1. mattej, find a new milk maid ?

  5. I hope its a diesel, need to save those euros.
    Just be happy he does not have a CHOFER.

    1. I was sat here wondering, what is a CHOFER? I thought perhaps you meant CHOPPER as in chopper bike . Then the light came on, and you actually mean the English-French word `Chauffer`ie a Driver ?

      Sorry too much horseblood in my glass of red wine .

  6. The only thing that surprises me is they didn’t buy two – one for his wife too!

  7. Well if you can afford it , ( as I can ) then buy it I say …

    Sadly this car is purchased with Taxpayers money, not his own honey pot ….

  8. Well, I am the employee of this University and this is really shame. The central heating in bulding where my office is located in is not functioning properly. In winter times the maximum temperature reaches at the most 17,5°C! In summer, likewise, as there is no air conditioning (what a sci-fi thing!), the temperature reaches about 35°C! And if you want hot water, you should open only hot water tap. Then the water is tepid.

    So I consider this “common” automobile as really “appropriate”.

    1. Voda. Do you really think such an important person, such as the Rectum of Comenius University, actually cares that his serf`s are room temp cold, oven baked hot, or wash there face in warm stream water?

      Do you not know unwashed being, sheer importance of representation, and they did not use the Merc to be seen at Tesco`s shopping? Say Amen .

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