Nicholson Appeals Injunction Against Gorilla Publication

The Gorilla corruption allegations in Slovakia exploded at the end of last year, led to all kinds of demonstrations, demands and accusations, before being almost pushed into the background as the early elections steamrolled the news.

The temporary distraction from the Gorilla affair could end, though, if the book of journalist Tom Nicholson that explains all is finally released from the preliminary injunction from February 2012 banning the publication imposed by what some would call a “questionable” judge at Bratislava I District Court. With this the judge accommodated the petition of Penta partner Jaroslav Hascak, who figures heavily in the accusations of crony practices between politicians and the financial group.

Gorilla fighter Tom Nicholson (c)

Publisher Petit Press appealed the decision, but this was futile as it had to be the first degree plaintiff that had to appeal, i.e. author of the book, Tom Nicholson.  Nicholson eventually filed his petition on 11 May and so now the Regional Court in Bratislava will rule on whether the book should be allowed to be published or not within 30 days.

The basis of the preliminary injunction is protection of personality, as the judge (who allegedly never read the book itself) claims that publication of the book would infringe the personality rights of Hascak as statements made in the book are as yet unsubstantiated. Several other publishers have approached Nicholson offering to publish the book abroad, but he has refused, saying he would stay with his original publisher.

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