Nitra Invest Only Bidder in New Tax Office Tender

After shouts of cronyism from the Smer-SD party back in April, a head-to-head between the PM and the finance minister, and the eventual resignation of the general director of the Slovak inland revenue, all because of the rental of premises for the tax authority in Kosice, the only bidder in the new tender is the company Nitra Invest, which won the tender that came under fire in the first place.

Nitra Invest, which is owned by coalition party SDKU local head Ondrej Scurko and ties to Cyprus, was the only company to resubmit an offer in the end, following the opening of envelopes in the repeated tender today.

There were six offers put forward in the cancelled tender, so the submission of just one offer this time comes as a surprise. You can get a full insight into the background of the affair here.

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