No Agreement in Sight on EFSF and ESM

Following a meeting of coalition party leaders yesterday afternoon, Prime Minister Iveta Radicova admitted that Slovakia would be the last country to ratify the changes to the eurozone EFSF and ESM bailout funds, if at all.

Richard Sulik won't back down (c) The Daily

Coalition party SaS is still staunchly against the proposed structure of the funds, and so the government will probably have to rely on the opposition to help push the respective bill through Parliament. The Prime Minister doesn’t know when Slovakia will provide its official position, noting that it is too early to say.

Radicova plans to use the time left before the Parliamentary session to try to persuade the SaS to take a different stance, but success looks unlikely.

SaS party chairman Richard Sulik welcomed the outcome of yesterday’s coalition meeting, though, saying there was no rush for Slovakia to present its position, and that the rest of the EU could agree first. No matter how the other eurozone countries decide, the SaS party intends to stick to its guns on the issue.

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