No More Specialists without Your GP

The government has gone ahead with its plan to reintroduce the issue of GP notes to patients who want to see a specialist, meaning a return to the previous system and long waiting times at doctors’ surgeries starting this April.

What awaits at the doctor?

The system was cancelled over a year ago by the former government, but now only those with specific terminal illness like diabetes will be exempt. The good news is that you won’t have to visit your GP before going to see a gynaecologist, psychiatrist, eye or skin specialist.

The government believes that the system will increase the standard of healthcare, while health minister Zuzana Zvolenska supports the move with the argument that people tend to diagnose themselves and so often go to the wrong specialist.


  1. Diabetes a terminal illness??

    1. Definitely terminal for those who die from it Donal.

      1. Definitely an Irishman that had to even ask that question, Smug Ale.

  2. Slovakia winter Olympics bid? IOC money? – Not a snowballs chance!

    1. Still nothing here on this …perhaps JB does not consider this news ??

  3. Oh come on, the big story of the day and a disaster just waiting to happen is Slowvakia`s new bid to stage part of the 2022 Winter Olympics !!!!

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