No Show by SMER Postpones No Confidence Vote

PM Robert Fico

Prime Minister Robert Fico and his Smer-SD party pulled out an ace today in the planned vote of no confidence in justice minister Tomas Borec, when 71 Smer-SD MPs did not show up for the debate, meaning the required 76 MP quorum was not reached.

The session therefore did not go ahead and Fico called on the opposition parties to organise themselves to get at least 76 MPs in parliament, with the vote being postponed until tomorrow. In two attempts an hour apart today, the opposition was 5 and 7 MPs short.



  1. Democracy? What a joke! Downwards ever Downwards.
    The heroes who gave their lives trying to bring true democracy to this country must be spinning in their graves.

  2. George….Love it or Leave it! Your comments only show your animosity towards Slovakia and Slovaks… Are you here on a court ordered sentence… you post as you are! You are like a SCAB… everyone is told to not pick at it because it will cause a scar…but we pick to see if new skin has formed and the damage was done! You are a foreigner in a foreign country…try to fit in, or go home as you say to all the immigrants in your beloved UK. Life is what you make of it and to keep referring to Slovakia as SLOWVAKIA is just showing you cannot conform, fit in, or be a part of the society you chose to live in! Isn’t their work for you back in the UK? You are not helping anything only fueling the fire of those proud of their country, no matter what it brings. Reasoning with you won’t work, so possibly a simple request to stop bashing the country we live in and try to make a difference…. Do something more than post your anger! See a Psychologist…maybe they can help you in this time of need.

  3. Most of the SMER politicians don’t know what day of the week it is so we shouldn’t be too surprised

    1. Smug, you keep following me around on here ….are you in love with me or sumfink ?

  4. I must watch STV news this evening, lot`s foaming at the mouth going on I expect?

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