No Threat of Gas Shortage Says Minister

As Russia shuts the gas valve to Ukraine again, Slovakia and the rest of Europe are already starting to shiver at the thought of not having enough gas in store for this winter.

In response to the situation, with Russia claiming around USD 4.5 billion in outstanding gas debt from Ukraine, Slovak economy minister Tomas Malatinsky has already convened an emergency meeting.

Malatinsky called a meeting of his Emergency Council, but not about any shortage in supplies for Europe, but to ensure energy security in the region and most likely make sure ukraine is okay. Malatinsky is convinced that the cut in supplies to Ukraine won’t affect Slovakia and its key transit position to Western Europe.

The group of companies making up the team, Eustream, SPP-Distribucia, Nafta and SPP, will be providing daily updates to the Ministry if transit of gas via Ukraine is affected.

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  1. Well Guys , Slowvak economy minister Tomas Malatinsky says we are all Ok, we must be all OK ?

    …….I feel a Titanic syndrome coming on next year … ?

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