Nomination of Hideghety as head of land fund is withdrawn

Zsolt Simon (c) The Daily

The nomination of Frantisek Hideghet from Most-Hid for the post of head of the Slovak Land Fund (SPF) has been withdrawn after questions were raised about his suitability.

Agriculture minister Zsolt Simon took the decision to withdraw the nomination proposal from the government session agenda today. Prime Minister Iveta Radicova said the item had been withdraw at the request of herself and Hideghety.

Leader of ruling party KDH, Jan Figel, welcomed the move as a “sensible response”, because Hideghety’s candidacy had been called into question by certain coalition MPs and the Prime Minister.

Most-Hid is now expected to propose a new candidate, but in the meantime the post of SPF director will continue to be occupied by Jan Ilavsky. He was nominated to the post back in December 2009 by SMER-SD, which was in power at the time.

The problems started because Hideghety had already held the position between 2003-2007, but his name was associated with several dubious decisions over land transfers.

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