Nurses Protest at Parliament for Better Conditions

At the same time as things were starting to heat up in parliament for the Attorney General vote, nurses and midwives held a protest outside parliament, before handing a petition with around 240,000 signatures to parliamentary chairman Richard Sulik.

Slovak parliament (c) The

The health workers were dressed in black as if at a symbolic funeral for the health service, while making demands for more appropriate salaries and better working conditions. President of the Chamber of Nurses and Midwives, Maria Levyova, asked Sulik to include their demands in parliamentary debate in June, to which Sulik replied that this would definitely happen as it is given by law for such a large petition.

Levyova wasn’t too happy with Sulik, though, and referred to his conduct as arrogant, also because the first thing he did was tell them that their bus was blocking the entrance to parliament. Health minister Ivan Uhliarik is claiming that his ministry is doing its best to make conditions for the health workers better.

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  1. Very serious, puffed up, self important Jewish woman is Levyova,standing there, with her signed lists of protests, with camera and mic shoved in face ..

    Lady the coach blocking quote was light hearted JOKE from Sulik , get over it you silly sad woman.

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