Ola! Europe Targets Tourists From South America

The European Commission has its target set on tourists from South America as part of the initiative called 50,000 Tourists, which Slovakia has also joined.

Bratislava (c) The Daily

Yesterday Slovakia officially endorsed the programme after transport minister Jan Figel signed up to the initiative after brief talks with the European Commissioner for Enterprise and Industry, Antonio Tajani. Tajani explained the concept, which is to get an additional 25,000 tourists to come to Europe from South America, and the same number to go from here to there.

To make the programme feasible,, Tajani plans to lobby for more flexible tourist visas, touching also on Russia, which he says is a flourishing market for tourism in Slovakia. So far the initiative has been joined by Chile, Brazil and Argentina, for instance.

Slovakia and the surrounding countries of the region are home to a large and growing Latino community, so maybe they will help achieve the magic number set out on the initiative. You can contact the Latino community in Slovakia here, for instance, with similar groups set up for each country.


  1. Ola without “h”is the way to spell hello in Portuguese. Perhaps that is the intention.

  2. The correct spelling is hola. Ola without “h” means wave.

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