One in Eight Slovak Women Marry Foreigners

An article in daily SME today looks at the number of Slovaks entering into wedlock with foreigners, showing a massive difference between Slovak women opting for someone from a different culture compared to men.

photo (c) Tatiana Gerus

Based on data from the Slovak Statistical Office, last year 2,964 Slovak women got married to a foreigner, which is roughly the annual average. When it comes to Slovak men marrying foreign women, however, the figure drops to a mere 757, around a quarter of the number for women.

The figures for women become even more intriguing as it works out that 1 in 8 Slovak women getting married are marrying a foreigner. Top of the list is with grooms from the Czech Republic, followed by the United kingdom, then Germany, Austria and Hungary.

The high number of marriages of Slovak women to foreigners may be due to the fact that more men tend to travel here for work than women and because of the large number of women heading abroad for au pair and hospitality work.

The figures do not take into account Slovaks who are not permanently resident in Slovakia and so the number could be much higher.


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