One World Festival-Movies without cover, heroes without masks

The PM opens the festival (photo: R. Blasko)

Going to see movies and spending a pleasant evening in illusionary surroundings of soft seats, the smell of popcorn, and heroes who always manage to have things exactly the way they need them: what a great way allowing one to fall asleep at night content and lulled. Lavish colors, perfect sound, fitting costumes, craftily edited trailers full of action, impressive music… One is engulfed by the sticky realm of illusion and doesn’t feel like returning back to reality. No wonder, the real world can be exceptionally dirty, tedious and cruel. Yet, aren’t there just too many important things going on out there for us to simplify our existence in such an absurd manner?

Viewers, fed up with the inflated and mostly empty bubble of Hollywood pudding, as well as those, who are hungry for authentic stories can now enjoy movies without covers and heroes without masks at the 11th One World Festival. Our Supermen and Superwomen are made of flesh and blood and are subject to the laws of physics. They are very vulnerable – not protected by make-up, silicon or Trojan horses.

In over 60 movies divided in 8 thematic categories, they will tell unbelievable, yet absolutely true stories, which will give you goose bumps, make you drop a tear or open your eyes wide in disbelief over the absurdity of the portrayed injustice. Unlike the retouched and artificially improved heroes, our movies will present their stories without a cover. They bring the memory of something, which cannot afford to “wear” anything; something without a massive advertisement campaign. Something, which in the end doesn’t need any adornments.

This year’s program of the One World Festival is exceptionally rich. But please,don’t judge the movies by their covers. The only covers that matter are the documentarists’ enthusiastic attitudes. A colorless untitled paper box may hold important information. Make your picks according to the content or according to the heroes you find likeable and who deserve your admiration and respect.

The 11th year of the One World Festival does not pollute the Earth with waste made of empty plastic covers; rather it brings the clean unembellished essence of human lives. Don’t miss it.

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