Opinion poll says Fico would form government

According to the latest public opinion poll carried out by the Focus agency, the current parliamentary opposition would get enough voter support to be able to form a coalition, as main opposition party Smer-SD of former PM Robert Fico still enjoys 43.2% backing from voters.

Robert Fico

If Smer-SD were to join forces with nationalist party SNS of Jan Slota, they would have an 82 seat majority in the 150-member parliament. The figures would mean the current coalition would not get into power if the elections were held just now.

Apathy still reigns, with as many as 19.3% of those questioned saying they would not vote for anyone, with another 12.9% failing to give a specific answer.

The poll was done on just 1,022 respondents and the differences in rankings did not change so much, but maybe just enough to swing power.

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