Opposition Call for Special Session on Embezzlement Claims

Parliament looks set to hold an extraordinary session to examine the alleged embezzlement with the assets of the military intelligence agencies under the first government of Robert Fico, based on a petition by opposition parties KDH, Most-Hid and SDKU.

Slovak Parliament (c) The Daily

The opposition parties are also wanting to motion for the recall of defence minister Martin Glvac, but they would have to rally more support in parliament first.

The scandal concerning the transfer of the intelligence service’s property under the first government of current prime minister Robert Fico between 2006 and 2010 came to light in the middle of May, when daily SME published information from an anonymous source alleging machination with the agency’s assets, costing the state millions.

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  1. Snowball’s chance, this move! BnM and the Bandits are going to make this go away. God knows how many grubby hands were in the till and how many of those leaches are still in power. If these allegations are true, the corruption did not stop at the heads of the Int. Services, politicians must have been involved. Chances are this is just the tip of the ice-berg. Sorry, you’ve all been robbed and the robbers are going to get away with it scot- free but that’s what happens when the general apathy of the public is taken as a green light for them to do what they want, when they want. The reading of Animal Farm should be made compulsory in this country but most would think it is a tale about fluffy animals.

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