Opposition Parties Motion To Impeach President

Parliament will look into President Gasparovic’s decision not to elect Jozef Centes to the post of Attorney General in an extraordinary session on Wednesday 16 January, convened by the four former government coalition parties that backed Centes’ election (KDH, SDKU, Most-Hid and SaS parties).

Slovak Parliament (c) The Daily.sk

The four parties are demanding that President Gasparovic explain the grounds for his decision, which opposed Centes’ election to the post in a blind ballot in parliament back in June 2011. Gasparovic’s spokesman has announced that the President would not be attending this particular session, however.

Gasparovic stalled for over 18 months before finally announcing his final decision at the beginning of this month, meaning a new Attorney General election would have to take place in parliament where Robert Fico’s Smer-SD party enjoys an outright majority. Gasparovic thus ignored the parliamentary election of Centes to the post and also a ruling of the Constitutional Court backing the election outcome. The former four-party coalition parties are basically trying to impeach the President for willful infringement of the Slovak Constitution.

Meanwhile, MP Igor Matovič from the Ordinary People and Independent Personalities (OĽaNO) is also planning to file a motion to limit the powers of the President in future and lay down terms by which he has to respect certain rulings and decisions, because this time the President sat on the issue like a hen for over a year and a half before it was prime hatching time, as the law does not stipulate his grace period.

The SaS party (Freedom and Solidarity party) is preparing the opposition parties’ lawsuit against the President, which they hope to motion in parliament on Wednesday. A three-fifths majority is required for parliament to lodge an impeachment petition against the President to the Constitutional Court, and even if a petition was lodged, the Constitutional Court would have to rule that the President acted against the Constitution ‘willfully’.


  1. Well just to prove my point DC .

    The dandy boy, Matovic says that those behind the impeachment initiative are using it as a sort marketing tool. Instead of taking Gaspo to court, Matovic proposes a sensible, but not a chance in hell, a constitutional amendment whereby the President would be bound by the constitution to appoint candidates elected, such as a general prosecutor, judges, the president of the Supreme Court and its deputy chair etc within a period of 60 days.

    BTW . No MPs from Wooden Tops party (OĽaNO) will sign the initiative to impeach President Ivan Gašparovic .Matovic claims, as he brushed his flowing locks, that HE will not act like a sheep that want to be united in views come what may … Oh and btw, it is a major problem to prove the President was intentional in wrongdoing, as even prominent lawyers differ on this. Well of course they , do the law on this is an ass .

    Meanwhile, Gasparovic mumbled that this was all an attempt to fabricate a topic in order to divert the public’s attention from what he called failures of politicians…… Yea right . Gasparovic made his comments during a traditional New Year’s beano with ambassadors and honorary consuls to Slowvakia,

    The P said that his current aim is to tone down heightened passions from the public and called on politicians to return to decent political discussions and to respect “normal democratic procedures”, including respect for decisions made by the Constitutional Court.

    Hands up who voted for this complete donkey ????

    1. Arthur,
      Donkeys are intelligent, useful, hard working and able to mix in the highest diplomatic circles with dignity. I’m awfully sorry old chum, but I find your analogies a tad out of order.

      1. Never said Gaspo was not intelligent, useful, hard working, althou your analogy of a donkey being able to mix in the highest diplomatic circles with dignity, is perhaps a tad off the planet . Still , who know who your friends are ?

        Stubbon, lump of ass was the analogy I was referencing of course .

    2. Matovic has been very quiet on a number of issues this session, he seems to have lost his Mojo or he’s been nobbled.
      This and other equally farcical incidents suggests that in the rush to embrace democracy no one bothered to consider writing job descriptions or controlling the assignation of powers either to parliament or the President. Motovic has a good idea but why is it only being considered now? It could be that past presidents were decent folk and would never have dreamt of abusing the post but its a bit late and futile to now try and alter presidential powers. BnM and the Bandits are not going to support any move that restricts their man in the big house. I think the only hope for this country is the start of a movement to force a national referendum and use that to strip powers and enforce change. Of course the bandits could change the law and prevent such a move, this is democratic Slovakia after all.

  2. Not sure about impeach the President, what about the Prime Minister ?

    Today I read Doctors who refuse to go on duty during a state of emergency could face either a fine or imprisonment. This is how the Health Ministry wants to prevent a repeat of the situation in late of 2011 when doctors went on sick leave, providing each other with ‘sick notes’.

    Standing on TV, with here designer suit, Tony & Guy haircut and pert breasts Health Minister Zuzana Zvolenska told If, God forbid, there are fatalities, the punishment can be much stricter,” If doctors do not come to work during the state of emergency, they could face fines up to €3,300 or in the case of a non sick leave, up to €1,500. If during this period a patient suffers or dies, the doctor could be sentenced to up to five years in jail.

    Measures like this don’t contribute to any helpful social peace. I don’t think it’s helpful when things are addressed by force and government intimidation . I believe dialogue. Isn`t a Social party such as Smer meant to protect all people, including the workforce ?

    1. George – Isn’t this more smoke and mirrors? Bobby and the Bandits have a majority in the house, they could declare a state of emergency when they like, for any trumped up reason and then use their powers to subjugate the population. Have we not seen this before? Tin pot dictators and bent governments declare a state of emergency, human rights, rule of law, freedom of the press, collective bargaining, etc. go out the window while they effectively do as they like.
      The real shame is that a minister has to make such a statement, I would have thought that if some disaster or calimity struck the SVK we would all muck in help, but maybe I am being naive.

  3. George – I beg to differ. The Supreme Court ( whatever the title) in most countries issue rulings that all must comply with. The last US President who messed with the courts had to resign or be impeached and we would never see the UK, German or French govt. ingnoring or defying a court ruling. Gaspar the Ghost, by his actions, has proven that the rule of law has broken down in this country and BnM by his inaction has proven he is party to it.
    Diplomats may not do anything, the world finance sector will. Standard and Poor will almost certainly drop the SVKs credit rating and I think investors will think twice about investing in a country where the law and democratic process can be so openly abused to the advantage of certain parties.

    1. DC, well I beg to differ . There is a very case of a Constitution political situation going on in America now, over the Debt Ceiling. The Rednecks say it against the Constitution, to raise this debt, without Senate approval , where the Obama, hand slap Brothers say not …The Court in cases such as this, that are Political dogma rather, than Human Rights or how big is a can of baked beans, the US Courts have slid this off their agenda as a Political call, not a Constitutional one. They have said the same in Slowvakia ….the Court ruling was very unsatisfactory and said actually nothing to determine a result, either way . I guess this was the Courts way of saying , up to you guys !

      1. George – You hit the nail on the head. The appointment of the GP, like most key posts in this country, is purely a political decision. Whether the person appointed is “upto” the job or has the confidence of the population are the last things considered. Far too many are in post because they are either party faithfull or spineless nodding dogs, trained to do their masters bidding. Political nominations ( who ever thought this system up needs sectioning) are a sure fire way of creating the environment for abuse and corruption. Would a national election for all such posts be so difficult – DAs, Judges, Sheriff etc are elected in the US ? What happened to people getting the job on merit?
        I saw the news item on the SME candidate for the GP post – he looked like the villian from a Tarentino film.

      2. Can’t make a statement without calling someone a name… What you said was good, besides the pokes and jabs of slander, but then again if Not English, they are below you.

        1. Cowpat, get a life !

        2. EXPAT
          If it is written it is libel not slander but I stand by what I wrote. Why do you think Centes was not duly appointed ? Could it be he has no affiliations, has integrity and would actually perform the job without bias or favour. I presume you read the papers and watch the news here, are we not presented almost daily with reports of clear wrongdoings by certain parties which are subsequently not investigated or prosecuted. Is it just coincidence that the post holders who have erred or who’s duty it is to act are the nominees of the same party?
          This article, like most in this publication, is about an issue in Slovakia so logically my comments refelect that. I would be even more scathing if this farce had evolved in the UK and I would use even stronger language. Its quite obvious that your prolonged stay here has resulted in a rose tinted view of everthing Slovak – fine if it works for you, good luck. I, however, see the issues, call a spade a spade and post my opinion. I, like most in the UK, don’t look down on anyone, irrespective of race, nationality, colour or religion and I never will. Slovakia and its people deserve better than what they have got at the moment I just don’t understand the general apathy about this serious issue.

          1. Oh come on DC, we Brits don`t like the Belgium`s .

  4. Robing Hood and his merry entourage aren’t going to worry too much about this futile gesture by a number of dysfunctional wimps to try an uphold democratic principles because, not only is Slovakia a fraud Oligarchy, but also a flawed democracy. At the end of the day Slovakia is not really European, so why is anyone surprised. In any case Slovak people have what they voted for and most are very happy with the state of the country. If they are happy, I am happy too, to be allowed to stay here, but also in the knowledge this is not my country..

    1. Alec – Agreed, the Slovaks have no one to blame but themselves and really it is none of our concern. I just think it a shame that such a wonderful country and people should be on such a downward slide into oblivion, they deserve better.

    2. Smug, Allowed to stay ?? That is a bit dark ages, no ? As an EU citizen you are allowed to live anywhere in the EU, as long as you abide by their laws . Although Slowvaks seem to have a problem abiding by UK laws, as we have discovered over the last few months . I dont see many Brits thrown into Slowvak jails or having their kids confiscated by Slowvak Social Services due to badm or perverted parenting

      This country, does not really historically belong the the Slowvaks, and well most of it, they stole as part of a unjust war settlement from the Hungarians, Ukrainians, the Austrians/Germans and Poles .

    3. Smug, Allowed to stay ?? That is a bit dark ages, no ? As an EU citizen you are allowed to live anywhere in the EU, as long as you abide by their laws . Although Slowvaks seem to have a problem abiding by UK laws, as we have discovered over the last few months . I dont see many Brits thrown into Slowvak jails or having their kids confiscated by Slowvak Social Services due to badm or perverted parenting .

      This country, does not really historically belong the the Slowvaks, and well most of it, they stole as part of a unjust war settlement from the Hungarians, Ukrainians, the Austrians/Germans and Poles . One day, I trust soon, land and governmentship will be returned to the rightful areas of people . Slowvakia could quite rightly be divided into 3 or four Kosovo type areas .

      I hope that puts all matters into true perspective

  5. Whilst I fully understand, agree with and support the move of the opposition parties on this matter they are flogging a dead horse. They have a cat in hells chance of getting the required majority. BnM and his bandits are not going to oust “their man”, he too valuable an asset plus its quite obvious the Mr Centes frightens the crap out of them. I don’t understand the need to go back to the Constitutional Court, Gaspar has openly defied their original ruling so why doesn’t the court “grow some” and say/do something about it? or is it just a paper tiger?
    The outcome is already known, regardless of their futile efforts. Its clear to everyone, most importantly foriegn observers, that the Constitution of the Slovak Republic is a paper arse wipe for certain people and that Democratic principles go out of the window when it suits. It would be interesting to know what the diplomats are doing, Slovakia’s EU partners should be alarmed at what is clearly a break down in the democratic function of the country, blatent disregard for the rule of law and the clearly orchestrated backroom activities of politicians who have a record of “bending” the rules to suit their own agenda.
    Slovaks may wish to consider if having a single elected house and a political nominee as a President is really what was envisioned when the State was formed and if radical change is not required.
    Democracy is dead here and always will be untill the people change the current corrupt system.

    1. The probem is DC, the Courts in every normal EU country , dont like getting involved in Political matters , which this is . The Court, is part of the establishment of Government and no one in his right mind is going to dump on what is effectively their employer . Plus the fact you have to deal with the shame of Slowvakia ….not good for the watching international community to see a President of two terms put in the dock …

      I agree, nothing will happen of course and this again for the SDKU< SaS and KDH chat show TV . If fire brands Mecair and Slota can remain free after all these years, what chance do the have with pussy cat Gasparovic?

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