Over 43,000 new car registrations from January to August

The number of new car registrations under 3.5 tons came to 43,311 in the first eight months of this year in Slovakia. The figures were released by the Automotive Industry Association of Slovakia (ZAP).

The figure is over 35% less than the same period last year, but this was mainly because almost 33,000 new cars were registered last year as part of the car scrap subsidy that was available, which encouraged people to trade in their old cars for new ones. Discounting the influence of the car scrap subsidy, the year-on-year increase this year would be as high as 28%.

Skoda was still the top seller in Slovakia with an 18.55% market share. Renault took second spot with 7.65%, followed by Volkswagen in a close third with 7.11%. Peugeot occupies fourth spot (6.6%), then Citroen (6.32%), Kia (5.93%), Hyundai (4.89%), Suzuki (4.50%), Toyota/Lexus (4.27%), Fiat (4.23%), Ford (4.14%), with Opel rounding off the top twelve with 3.45%.

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