Paedophile and Bank Robbing Police Officers Charged

Two cases of former and current policemen committing serious crimes have sprung up today, with the paedophile and bank robbing officers both being charged.

The first case concerned 40-yr old former policeman Ernest Bognár, who has been charged with sexually abusing three young boys and sentenced to 15 years behind bars, subject to appeal.

This would not be Bognar’s first spell in jail, though, as he sat for six years for using his police ID to get a boy from a diagnostic centre, who he then sexually abused and kept captive for ten days chained to a radiator in a flat in Petrlzalka.

photo (c) The Daily

The second case was uncovered by the new anti-corruption unit at the Ministry of Interior that targets corruption and serious crimes within the police force. The special unit uncovered a series of four armed bank robberies near Prievidza that had been perpetrated by 32-yr old serving police officer Anton K.

Like child’s play he robbed the very same bank four times, getting around EUR 8,000 in total. Ľubomíra Miklovičová from the Communications department at the Ministry informed The Daily that the officer didn’t deny the four counts of robbery, but that, ironically, his motive was because he had problems paying his bank loans. He has been detained in custody.

Interior minister Daniel Lipsic introduced the new head of the special Anti-corruption unit, Boris Beňa, at a press conference yesterday, while praising the capture of the bank robber as the first success of the unit. Lipsic said the inspection unit is there to “root out black sheep” in the police force who damage the reputation of the police force overall.

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