Parliament Could Introduce Wealth Tax on the Better Off

A flat tax may be replaced by a progressive tax system where the more people earn, the higher taxes they will pay.

Right-wing coalition parties KDH and SDKU-DS joined the strongest opposition party SMER-SD in the initiative in October.

Leader of SMER-SD Robert Fico would like to introduce a 25% tax for people with monthly salary over EUR 2,750 and a 22% tax for corporations with the annual profit over EUR 33 million.

Robert Kicina from the Slovak Business Alliance warns that this may miss the target. He believes that higher taxes for the wealthy may send a very bad signal to foreign investors. Source: SARIO


  1. being centre-right, i hardly want people to live in a socialist republic….bit of an ad hominem argument.

    As for lumping people together, your visceral outbursts against Slovkas in general, whether it be on public transport etc would call for you to make a sentence involving the words pot/kettle/black.

  2. Dabid , I just asked if you were a cretin left wing Socialist …I guess if the cap fits , then away you go all Mr Sensitive ….I am not sure why you even mention the Labour party or the 1970s . what are you in some Dr Who time warp ? Slovakia is a totally different fiscal model to the UK …

    As for …..I also take Marek’s point about so-called talented people. Certainly many got their position due to cronyism etc..>>>>

    But many did not ! So lets nuanced and lump all the bright hardworking people in with the crooks, oligarchs, jobs for the boys etc and tax them to death …so thats nice and fair eh , in Socialist Republic you appear to want us all to live in , where some pigs are just more equal than others .

    1. George- I work for myself and will likely fall in that trap of 25% income tax. With that I will also have to pay a ridiculous amount to zdravotna and socialna and get almost ZERO for any of it- that’s all if I don’t get killed on my bike riding amongst all of the morons and show off red necks in their black Audis. However I’d still not whine too much if the money I pay actually went back to progressive programs. If this country was so ‘bright and hardworking’ then we’d all expect different outcomes 20 years after communism. Even southern Italy trumps this joint and their tax approaches 2x that of here.

  3. David- not sure why a tax hike would seem appropriate in any case here in SK. There’s no accountability to where the money’s going. This isn’t Scandinavia for sure. Now I read SK is about to lose EU funds for improvement projects due to lack of accounting and regional politicians are getting another 400 EUR per month salary increase while teachers might get lucky to have a 3% increase. The country’s heading the wrong direction and w/o an all out revolution nothing will change and any real pressure on the system is not going to happen in SK. I suggest an outsourcing of government and services to Austria and the bunksters pack their gucci bags. Wouldn’t take much to fix this country.

  4. well, goerge using the word ‘cretin’ reveals his polished, enhanced debating skills.
    Compared with 45%+ or even owrse under Labour in the 1970s, a modest supplement doesn’t seem so bad. Also I support an additional tax on luxury items, and also a progressive scale on house purchases as in Ireland (the UK has a maximum of 5% I think, but for all the Russian oligarchs paying ludicrous sums, there should be additional tiers.
    (A slightly more nuanced argument thatn tossing around words like ‘cretin’ etc…..
    I also take Marek’s point about so-called talented people. Certainly many got their position due to cronyism etc..

  5. Those earning over some random number (this time being 2750 EUR) would not only pay the 25% but get ripped on social and health too. Non of it, including income taxes, are worth even a fraction of what you pay for in this lame excuse for a country. Surely George is joking….I’ve actually seen very little evidence most rich Slovaks are actually bright or hard working. Seems like more of a case of which Communist/ post-Communist family you’re from.

    1. ‘I’ve actually seen very little evidence most rich Slovaks are actually bright or hard working’

      In many countries, including my own, accidents of birth are at least as a big a factor in getting rich as being bright and hard-working. And you’re obviously right re the correlation between being an ex-communist and being rich in Slovakia. I read an article today which put it nicely ; if being bright and hard-working were the main factors, half the female population of Africa would be rich.

      Do agree with George re extra VAT on things like 4×4 cars, mind.

  6. I have a problem with corporation tax it can backfire, I would say corp. tax should be no more then 10% providing the profit is kept in the country where it is contributing to employment,personal tax can be on a progressive scale.

  7. Idiot ….. What are you some cretin left wing Socialist ???? Why should anyone be discriminated against because the are bright enough or work hard to earn more money ? Income taxes should be further reduced and more indirect taxes applied to items like 4×4 cars, petrol, mobile phones , booze and fags and luxury items …that way you pay for your vice .

    Time we looked after the rich people, rather than weep for the poor looking for handouts ….time some got on their bikes etc .

  8. 25% for people earning over €2750 doesn’t seem a huge sacrifice. Would only affect a very small percentage of people, surely.

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