Parliament Fails to End Meciar’s Indestructible Amnesties

As if a spit in the face for the Gorilla protesters who are demanding transparency, today parliament failed once again to revoke the amnesties given by self-instated president at the time, Vladimir Meciar, surrounding the kidnapping of former President Michal Kovac’s son.

Vladimir Meciar (c) Péter Kamocsai

This is the sixth time a motion to annul the dubious amnesties has been swept aside in parliament. Back in 1995, Michal Kovac Jr was force fed alcohol and abducted to Austria, with suspicions that the secret service SIS was involved in the kidnapping, but the case never came to anything as Meciar granted amnesties to those allegedly involved.

Vladimir Meciar was PM at the time and appointed himself as acting president just one day after president Kovac’s term of office ended. This gave Meciar the power to grant amnesties to anyone he wanted, and by doing so he essentially blocked the investigation into the abduction of Michal Kovac Jr., in which there were strong accusations that it had all been orchestrated by Meciar together with SIS secret service head at the time Ivan Lexa.

To pass a constitutional bill 90 votes are needed in parliament, but only 78 MPs saw it fit that the amnesties be lifted (all four right-wing parties), with the Smer-SD party of Robert Fico and the SNS party of Jan Slota essentially abstaining.

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  1. How could they vote for it??? they would all end up in the same prison cell!!! its logical isnt it??

    But i think the whole of Slovakia is looking forward to see the day when Meciar & Slota end up in prison…

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