Parliament Passes Whistleblowers Act

Parliament enacted the so-called Whistleblowing Act today, which affords greater protection to people wanting to report on their employers, on crimes and other cases of corruption, while also giving them also the chance of a reward.

Thanks to the new law, passed with 115 votes from 128 attending MPs, whistleblowers will receive legal protection for free if reporting some crime, with their anonymity preserved.

The law will take effect from 1 January 2015 and is hoped to increase the number of reported cases.

Whistleblowers may also be awarded a reward if the case ends up in convictions, subject to evaluation.


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  1. Ha! ” be awarded a rewards IF the case ends up in convictions” Yeah, right!
    80K+ goes missing from a local school, only one person had access to the money – the plods talk to him and him alone to arrive at the opinion that nothing illegal transpired. The 80K+ of public money is still unaccounted for, the only person who could have taken it is still a public employee BUT the teacher who blew the whistle – still sacked. Pass all the laws you like Bobby, until this country gets a decent, independent, well trained police force, prosecutors who actually have a clue and end the family business that masquerades as the judiciary, they will just be scraps of paper hanging in the latrine and available for all and sundry to wipe their ar*es on.

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