Parliament Sets Elections For 10 March 2012

The date is now set for the parliamentary elections after the fall of the four-party coalition this week over a confidence vote in the government brought on by PM Iveta Radicova’s decision to combine it with a vote on the EFSF bailout fund,

Slovak parliament (c) The Daily

The elections will take place on Saturday 10th March after the support of 143 votes in the 150-member parliament today, but it has already been noted that three of the eight regions in Slovakia will be on holiday at that time and so this simple fact alone could affect turnout and also results.

MPs therefore formally supported the motion of interior minister Daniel Lipsic  that cuts short the term of office of the failed Iveta Radicova unlucky ‘four-leaf’ coalition, spelling the third early elections to date in Slovakia.


  1. Yes this has been atypical Slovak cock-up an farce from start to finish and Old Iveta has shown her womanly stupidity and well as her female emotional clap trap .

    Meanwhile , the new election , will take place on March 10 , just as several regions are on half term holiday from school , so many will not be able to vote!

    The SaS party will also announced shortly that it may take the second vote on changes to the EFSF bail-out mechanism to the Slovak Constitutional Court, as the possibility of a repeated vote is not stipulated in the Slovak Law . ie state bodies can only proceed in accordance with the constitution which, does not allow for a repeated vote on an international agreement.

    It would appear any time there is a ‘situation to benefit someone ‘ in Slovakia, the actual legalities are just neglected.

    The end of my ‘go’ at Slovaks for the week ….perhaps ?

  2. Let’s face it guys, a woman’s place is in the home, isn’t it just? They’ve spent the last 40 years with ideas way above their station and the sooner we can get them all out of ‘our’ workplace, and back at home making babies, cooking our dinner & scrubbing the steps, the better.

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