Parliament To Vote on Impeachment of President

The attempt by the opposition to impeach President Ivan Gasparovic for his persistent refusal to appoint duly elected attorney general candidate Jozef Centes will be the subject of debate in an extraordinary session in parliament today.

President Ivan Gasparovic

With the President accommodating and enjoying the complete backing of PM Robert Fico and his stand-alone majority government, however, nobody would be blamed for seeing the petition lodged by 44 MPs to impeach the President as a foregone conclusion. The President himself will not attend the session to explain his actions or inaction.

As the motion requires the backing of 90 MPs, there is little chance of the motion being successful, as the opposition yields just 67 seats in total, while the ruling Smer-SD party enjoys 83. With the exception of treason, the President can only be impeached if it is shown that he intentionally violated the Constitution.

The opposition MPs are claiming Gasparovic intentionally stalled for over 18 months, ignoring the parliamentary election of Centes to the attorney general post and also a ruling of the Constitutional Court backing the election outcome. Gasparovic announced at the beginning of the year that he would not appoint Centes and so a new vote would be required. A protest was held after the announcement in front of the Presidential Palace in Bratislava calling for the President to stand down.


  1. The sad thing about this whole affair is that both Gaspar the Ghost and Bobby no Mates can’t grasp the long term damage this has done to the country. They are oblivious the fact that while foreign governments may not openly comment on the internal strife in Slovakia, they will be noting it. Briefing documents flying around the world for politicians and major international companies will be highlighting the blatant abuse of power and disregard for the courts and the constitution. The message is clear – Can we really trust and deal with a country that has so little regard for its own laws and institutions? The answer has to be No! …. and that will have repercussions for years to come. The ever downwards slide in the world rankings in just about everything will continue, probably at an accelerated rate, confidence will diminish along with investment leaving those who believe that the country can be run like a private gentleman’s club staring into a Black Hole of their own making.
    The real shame is that the Slovak people deserve much better than this, but their apathy is the greatest ally to those who are doing the damage.

  2. Back to topic …..yet another complete waste of Parliaments Debate time …get him when you have 90 seats SDKUetc etc …Oh that`s right you have never been able to muster that number of vote seats because no one will vote for right wing parties that rob the people blind by doing quiet deals with J&T , Penta etc etc ….

  3. JB, How unromantic you are ?

    Not a single column inch and it is Valentines Day today, don`t you know ?

    So a H.V.D to all my lady fans and a big kiss to my current partner and future mother of my child Dr `Ova . ūüôā

    This place does get a bit stale at times, but just sometimes you have to have a big smile . I am amazed how many `Richards` we have on this forum with Richardp, Ric and Donal Green . All those Richards and of course shorten form to Dcik`s in one forum place, kinda makes it good called George, Smug ?

    1. Even with my limited IQ of 46 I got your trend of thought after the first reference to ‘Richard.”. As to this zephyr arising in parliament; after a week or so we will hear, as always, Porthcawl. It really is a poor show Arthur, an absolutely whatsoever entirely poor show. Clearly most of those in the upper echelons of power were given the wrong name at birth.Your comment on the lack of reference to Valentines day is a little unfair, because it was already mentioned last year. We’ve already had enough Ben Hurs on this site.

      1. Oh so it was ( Val Day ) mentioned in despatch`s last year then ? ..Oh gosh all is forgiven then JB ….cannot have too much current news, as it would spoil the view .

        Ben Hurs , what are you on about man …? Too much horseblood in the Red Wine …or too many oats, so early in the day ?

  4. Imagine George Washington or Thomas Jefferson, acting like this. Through history there are only a few men who ever get the chance to build a new nation. Gasparovic is throwing away his place in history.

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