Parliamentary speaker Sulik withstands no-confident vote in parliament

Richard Sulik resists opposition - photo (c) The Daily

Yesterday, 8 September, parliamentary chairman Richard Sulik (SaS) resisted the no-confidence vote initiated by opposition party SMER-SD, thanks to the strong support from his coalition partners. With a minimum of 76 votes required to recall Sulik from the post, the opposition only managed to get 64 MP votes to support their motion.

The opposition initiated the no-confidence vote for several reasons, which some political analysts regarded as feeble. These included the way Sulik was dressed at a meeting with foreign diplomats, and his general conduct at the meeting. SMER-SD also criticised the way Sulik took a shot at fellow EU-member states for their unquestioning willingness to bail out the financially-troubled Greece.

The special session turned into a mud-slinging match between the opposition and the ruling coalition, with various personal insults and comments flying in parliament.

The final outcome, however, shows that the ruling coalition is serious about sticking together to maintain stability in government.

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