PAS Business Alliance Says Environment Weakened

The Slovak Business Alliance (PAS) claims that the Slovak business environment worsened slightly in 2Q 2011, with the alliance pointing to a general lack of trust in the Slovak judiciary.

Based on the index compiled by PAS, the business environment in Slovakia dropped just over 0.5% to reach the current level of 90.4%. The biggest problem concerns the judiciary, thanks to lengthy proceedings, the biased attitude of the people working in it, and the lack of protection for creditors.

The alliance is also concerned about prices, which are being affected by various issues, including the energy price decisions of the national regulatory authority URSO, which it feels could accelerate prices across the board. Naturally, the entrepreneurs surveyed by the alliance are worried also about the euro.

PAS noted, though, that the recent changes adopted by the government through the revised Labour Code, would produce some positive results, as it allows employers greater flexibility.

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