Pedal Power Launches Bratislava Christmas Market

For many Bratislava citizens, the opening of the city’s annual Christmas markets is the true beginning of the holiday season and this year’s market opens today, 23 November.

The markets can be found on the Main Square and Hviezdoslavovo Square, with 107 stands ready to serve food and handmade traditional products to locals and foreigners alike until 23 December. The traditional delicacies on offer include cigánska pečienka (roasted pork or chicken in a bun topped with grilled onion and mustard); lokše (potato crepes) stuffed with goose fat, poppy, or cabbage; varené víno (mulled wine); punč (alcoholic punch); and hriatô (plum brandy with a top layer of fried fat).

Christmas market - Always a good atmosphere (c) The Daily.SK

Some of the stands offer handmade products such as candles, woolly hats, scarves and ceramic products. Bratislavans share the impression that it’s not only about shopping, but about the need for people to meet and wish each other a Merry Christmas.

The opening of the Christmas festivities starts with switching on the Christmas tree lights, which this year will be done using pedal power, as various celebrities will peddle dynamo power into the lights, also to show people how much energy is needed to light up the tree. Overall, Bratislava is tightening its belt with its Christmas spending, hoping to save around EUR 20,000 by not putting up many of the usual decorations in the streets.

The show kicks off on the Main Square at 4.30, with the market on Hviezdoslavovo opening at 5.30 with a Slovak record attempt at the most sparklers lit at any one time.


  1. Constitution of old Iron me Smug …dont you know . However, All mine was fresh and cooked ( well fried ) as I watched …I guess there is always a Delhi belly risk, but some of the best meals I ever had were at such markets in west Atlantic coast in France in the middle of summer …fresh caught BBQ`d sardine etc . UK health and safety would have a fit …

    Not sure the food sellers were struggling Smug ? BTW. What are the rents on these stalls is charged by the town does anyone know ???

  2. More pathogens than a Delhi dungeon. With limited toilet and washing facilities, watered down wine, meat cremated in old engine oil and plastic cups, hardly the place I would have expected a discerning English gent like yourself to frequent George. The real winners are the members of Bratislava town council who charge extortionate rents on the stallholders who in turn struggle to make profit.
    Slovak people love the atmosphere, where they can congregate on mass and renew old friendship, and are not bothered much by the quality of what is on offer,but the real seasonal deal is in Vienna.

  3. I went Saturday with my current partner, the place was packed full of people.

    Hint to those going, although there is not shortage of food outlets, if you find a place with queues, that is where to find the best food and worth a small wait .

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