Pensioner Dragged Along Street by Tram

Bratislava tram (c) Marc Ryckaert

A 72-yr old man got the shock of his life yesterday evening in Bratislava after falling between two tram wagons, TV Markiza reported.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the tram driver didn’t register the incident and so dragged the man several hundred metres along Obchodna Street to SNP Square.

Some witnesses say the man fell between the two wagons at the Postova street tram stop, before the tram set off along the street, dragging the terrified pensioner with it. The fire brigade had to step in to free the man, who with a lucky escape was then taken to hospital.


  1. George, George of the bungle how thick can you be. Maybe you threw him as you seem to know more than this himself! Or were you reading the tea leaves again.

  2. No 72 year old man can ever get `caught` between trams, he would have to be a retard and have thrown himself between the trams on the links or buffers , in total stupidity, or just to end his life….Once again this article lacks any real information for us to make a judgement and comment in the correct manner .

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