Penta Lawyer Wants Gorilla Investigation Without Gorilla

Penta attacked by the Gorilla (c) The

It would clearly not be long before a powerful corporate entity like Penta financial group would hit back at the Gorilla corruption allegations, and so far the company and its co-owner Jaroslav Hascak are proving successful.

In addition to successfully preventing the publication of Tom Nicholson’s book on the Gorilla affair by a court injunction, Hascak is now calling for the Gorilla transcripts to be excluded from the investigation into corruption allegations, because they were presented by PM Iveta Radicova and so cannot formally be submitted as evidence.

Lawyer of Penta and Hascak, Martin Skubla, filed a petition with the Attorney General’s Office to exclude the document from proceedings. Hascak and his lawyer claim that the Government Office should have returned the file to the secret service SIS. PM Radicova, though, says the materials were submitted in line with the law after a legal analysis was made.

The Gorilla reports, which have been circling the internet since the end of last year, were produced by the secret intelligence service SIS in a case monitoring corruption allegations between politicians and Penta, with Hascak’s name figuring prominently in them.  Penta financial group has categorically denied all accusations arising out of the affair.


  1. Who would you trust to lead such an enquiry, and assuming you could find someone honest and impartial enough, would any of the powers-that-be entrust such a person with the ability to discover or decide anything?

    1. You hit the nail right on the head, there Dave.

      The Slovaks are the only ones who can answer those questions.

      But hey! Just think, someone may have an epiphany and realise that the the EU piggy bank may well be turned off if Slovakia can not prove that while accepting EU handouts the politicians of all colours have not been disposing of state assets or awarding lucrative contracts to their benfactors and making a tidy sum for themselves.

      Yeah! and pigs do fly!

  2. Maybe the President, if he can drag himself away from the ice-hockey, should order a full public enquiry into Gorillagate.

    Do they have open, public enquiries in Slovakia or is everthing trusted to the judiciary?

  3. A noble gesture by the Penta boys to cut legal and court costs. If I were them, I would immediately file a case in the European court in Strasbourg citing undue harassment and defamation of good name. Imagine the consequences if every
    Mikulas, Martin and Jaroslav were allowed to spread lies, and question the integrity of politicians and the got rich quick cadre. The country would collapse into a state of normality.

    1. Gold, Alec, pure gold!

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