Penta Lawyers Start to Threaten Lawsuits Over Gorilla

Financial group Penta, which as the centre of corruption allegations based on the alleged secret service Gorilla reports, is now hitting back with threats of lawsuits if web servers displaying the reports do not take them offline.

Gorilla headache for Penta (c) Raul654

The lawyers of co-owner of Penta, Jaroslav Hascak (took part in most of the alleged meetings described in the reports) and his associate Zoltan Varga (in whose flat the Gorilla recordings were allegedly made), have approached nineteen servers with the threat of legal action if they do not take the Gorilla files offline immediately. Seven have reportedly already respected the demand.

Hascak’s lawyers from Škubla & Partneri claim that the storage and distribution of the reports is against the law, as they imply that Penta’s clients were somehow involved in illegal activities, but also because of the Act on Protection of Personal Data. They also say that “if the reports really do come from secret service SIS sources, as claimed”, then they are protected by the obligation of confidentiality, also as the reports contain the real and code names of secret service officers.

Penta also looks poised to take legal action against journalist Tom Nicholson, who has been working on the reports for the past two years or so and has written a book about the implications. The company’s legal argument is how Nicholson is speaking out in public about the affair and presenting and “formulating his own opinions as undisputed truth”.


  1. Great stuff. If the reports are real as claimed and are from SIS, then we claim the right to discuss corruption in privacy. Altho we also claim its all made up. Love it.

    Penta co-owner in SME the other day:

    “Aká časť spisu Gorila je pravdivá?
    „Spis je znôška klamstiev na hollywoodsky spôsob, a je to fikcia. To je náš základný postoj.”

    1. Yea kinda great if you speak the local lingo , crap if you dont SJ .

      Mind you, isn`t great to be right after all these years .

  2. It might have to go to Strasbourg, but Penta will end up losing any lawsuit they bring on this one….

  3. Where do I send my invoice for `instant success` consultancy ???????

  4. Slovakia continues to be a flawed fraud democracy where the rule of law has never really existed. Prime minister Radicova’s call for politicians to behave according to their conscience naively overlooks the fact that most of these people don’t have a conscience to start with. Tom Nicholson has been a thorn in the side of these people for about twenty years, and if you had to judge who is telling the truth it would be him 100 percent of the time..

  5. Slovakia: Russia’s most western colony.

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