Penta Plans More Lawsuits in Gorilla Affair

Financial group Penta, which is at the centre of the Gorilla corruption allegations, is hitting back with a series of lawsuits against those who are damaging the company’s good name.

Penta attacked by the Gorilla (c) The

Speaking to Czech daily Hospodarske Noviny, head of Penta projects in the Czech Republic Marek Dospiva said that “The accusations are false and fabricated. Our reputation is being damaged by how the affair is being written about and referred to differently from reality”.

Dospiva feels that politicians have been using the affair for their own ends, which is why Penta plans to file a lawsuit against interior minister Daniel Lipsic and others. The company has not been so vocal in its defence, which Dospival said was because “It is difficult to defend yourself when a lynch mob is heading at you, who don’t want to hear the arguments”

Dospiva also noted how it was common practice and necessary for large financial groups to meet with politicians. He therefore feels it would be good to have a Lobbying Act, which would lay down precise rules for meetings between business representatives and public officials.


  1. My flat was never seedy …small perhaps but never seedy .

  2. Just a thought PENTA – instead of threatening lawsuits, getting books, CDs and even jokes about the Gorilla Affair banned – why don’t you demand a full and open investigation into every allegation being made against your company. Throw your doors and records open to say, INTERPOL or the European Financial Regulator. Prove beyond all doubt that you are squeaky clean. Everyone will then be able to see that your a responsible and respectable company with no shady past. You will not only clear your name but also humiliate those who are making these allegations. Hiding behind the questionable Slovak Legal system is just making it look like you do have something to hide.
    As for the suggestion of a Lobbying Act – why this sudden urge for tranparency? Did your officials think it appropriate at the time to hold clandestine meetings with government members in seedy little flats. That is hardly the behaviour of any legitimate business that I know of.

  3. A Lobbying Act …oh please ! Then Penta meeting people in a quiet anon flat, rather than at SDKU HQ or the Ministry of XXXXXX was to be all transparent then …??

    Well as long as there are now Rules for slipping up stairs with Alice eh ?

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