People unhappy with corruption and accountability

Noting recent events in Slovakia, it is not hard to believe that as many as two thirds of Slovaks are not happy with how organised crime cases are being dealt with, based on data from the recent poll of the Institute for Public Affairs (IVO).

photo (c) The Daily

The poll states that 65% of those asked were dissatisfied with the investigation of organised crime, and the survey was even carried out before prominent lawyer Ernest Valko was brutally murdered on 8 November.

In another poll conducted between 3 and 9 November 2010 on a sample of over 1,000 adults of all ages, some 56% of respondents expressed discontent with how corruption cases were dealt with under the former government of Robert Fico.

Public opinion was registered also during the course of corruption cases at ministries under the former government, meaning the dubious and costly notice-board tender, the various social company affairs, or the unfinished emission sales case, among others.

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