Peter Gabriel To Sledgehammer Bratislava in May

Following the phenomenal response to the recent ‘Back to Front’ tour dates in Europe in the autumn of 2013, musical legend Peter Gabriel will play more shows in celebration of his album So in April/May 2014, with Bratislava on the select list.

It is testament to the enduring appeal of Gabriel’s 1986 album that the ‘Back to Front’ tour has caught the public imagination so strongly once again. The shows next year will continue to feature the original So live band (bass-wizard Tony Levin, guitarist David Rhodes, keyboardist David Sancious and drummer Manu Katche) and span Gabriel’s illustrious career, including a performance of So in its entirety.

“We serve it up in three parts; like a meal. The starter will be an acoustic bit, almost like we would be in rehearsal mode. From that acoustic starter we move on to the savoury dish, which is electric or more electronic stuff. If you survive that, then you get your dessert, which is the complete and uninterrupted album of So, in the order in which it was originally intended”.Peter Gabriel

As well as celebrating the So album the tour has also been an opportunity for Peter to play some new material live for the first time. Tracks like Oh But and Why Don’t You Show Yourself (from the film Words with Gods) both featured regularly during the 2013 tour to fantastic audience reactions.

The concert will take place on 5 May 2014 at the hockey stadium Slovnaft Arena, and  tickets can be bought from XL Agency.



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