Pezinok ‘stops the rot’

There has been a victory in the affair over the dump established in Pezinok, because the Supreme Court issued a ruling that made it illegal from last week to dump waste at the landfill site in Pezinok. The Supreme Court halted the dump’s right to operate, claims Jan Man Jr., head of the board of Ekologicka Skladka that operates the site.

On August 20, Ekologicka Skladka received a ruling from the Supreme Court stipulating that the landfill site was prohibited from operating until the Supreme Court had received satisfactory replies to questions concerning the legality of the site, which had been put forward by the European Court of Justice.

Activist Zuzana Caputova, who is fighting against the dump, said  “We are very happy that our request has been granted. It means Pezinok will not be burdened by more waste until such times as a ruling is issued on the legality of the landfill site.

There has been much consternation over the landfill set up within the town limits of Pezinok, and now it looks like there still might be a chance of justice prevailing.

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