Pit Bull Terrier Mauls Woman To Death

A woman was mauled to death by a pit bull terrier on Friday 17 August in the small town of Suchan while looking after around 20 pitbulls with her partner while the kennels owner was away.

While the man was away shopping, the woman decided to take a dog named Diabol (Devil) for a walk. The move would prove fatal as her body was later found  dead in the forest by the man based on a note she had left. The dog was allegedly then mauled to death itself by the other dogs after attacking them on its return to the kennels.

The police are now awaiting the results of an autopsy before they can proceed in the investigation. In the meantime, the kennels have been inspected by the local veterinary administration in Velky Kritis, which found no faults at the facility and no signs that the dogs were being tyrannised in any way.

The incident has got the local council contemplating stricter rules for keeping and breeding dogs, as attacks become increasingly frequent throughout the country.


  1. I can see Loghead working as a woodenlog …all those beetles living in his mind .

  2. The debate heats up with yet another child attacked by a dog.

    JOJ News must have a new editor – rather than interviewing each other or some “pet” numerlog, sexlog or woodenlog they actually had a police (Colonel I think) officer talking about dogs and the law on the lunchtime news. There maybe hope yet!

  3. Just to correct my self – Pit Bull Terriers were bred from Old English Bulldogs ( a now almost exstinct breed somewhat like a Boxer dog) and terrier breeds. The Old English Bolddog ( Bulldog was not its name until bull baiting became popular) was bred as a hunting dog capable of bringing down large game. The more familiar English Bulldog was produced by crossing the Bolddog with a Pug and subsequent cross-breeding removed almost all agression from the breed, shortened its legs and increased the size of its head, unfortunate side effects were the reduction of the dogs intelligence (2nd lowest) and skeletal and respiratory problems that give the breed a very short life span.

    Back to the article – I agree that demonising any breed of dog is wrong and it is unfortunate that BSLs have had to be applied. However, these dogs need strong, experienced owners, lots of exercise and strict control, something that many would be owners can never aspire to. Staffies, Americans even Ridgebacks make excellent pets and family dogs for the right , responsible people unfortunately, all to often, people obtain these breeds for all the wrong reasons, and have little or no idea of how to train, control, exercise and socialise the dogs. Some socially irresponsible owners actually encourge the dogs to be aggresive – Why? I don’t know, perhaps it’s something to do with the macho image a “hard” dog presents. Faced with this, societies have legislated against the dogs rather than tackle to more complex issues of ownership – we all take the easy way out. Whilst I agree that the majority of attacks are the fault and the responsibility of the owner I believe that these breeds should be banned for public safety.

  4. Just to correct our American cousins, the “Pitt Bull Terrier” breeds came about through the collaboration of the British and American Kennel Clubs in the 19th Centurty to produce a general purpose working dog with the strength and stamina of the Bulldog and the hunting or herding abilities of terrier breeds. The resulting dogs were very popular with subsistance farmers as they could perform all the tasks required – watch dog, hunter, retriever and stock herding. Unfortunately they also attracted a following for more nefarious pastimes such as bull, bear and rat fighting which where the “pitt” label comes from. In the 80’s they became a much sought after “fashion accessory” for certain elements of society who disregarded the advice of the Kennel Clubs as to the suitability of the breed as an “urban pet”. The inexperience or social irresponsibility of these oweners led to a spate of well reported attacks, particularly on children. This has resulted in some 20 countries imposing Breed Specific Legislation with regards to breeding and ownership. The UK, some US states, Canadian provences and other countries have banned the ownership or breeding of the dogs entirely. Slovakia, for some unknown reason, has not caught on to the general concerns about these breeds and again the “wrong” people are getting these dogs for the “wrong” reasons. There is still a demand for these unfortunate dogs for fighting which, because of the financial rewards, is become more prevalent across the US and Europe.
    The womans death is unfortunate but not suprising. The real issue is why has this man got so many of these dogs, what is he using them for and who is he supplying them to.

  5. Yet another daft pearl of wisdom from our resident looney loghead …How would you criminally legislate against `the owner` in this particular case ……… ???

  6. So having a dog on a chain is NOT against the law in Slovakia then ? Why am I not surprised ?? Mind you Slovaks tend to keep dogs outside the house and sleep in then in cages, which to me is far better than having them in a home or a flat.

    BTW , all breeds of dog can be aggressive and dangerous and can`turn` on even the most loving owner, for no good reason . This breed of dog was first bred for pit baiting (and gambling), either a badger or another pit bull dog. If these dogs are in public area`s, they should be by law, be on restricted dog lead and muzzled .

  7. In my opinion specific legislation should be made Anina. The dog owners should bear the criminal responsibility for their dogs. If your dog kills somebody it would be like the owner killed him.

    1. “The dog owners should bear the criminal responsibility for their dogs” Please, please, don’t tell me that they don’t at present in this country. It would answer why the brain dead owner of a “pit bull” that has attacked and injured two pet dogs in his neighbourhood was able to appear on a TV news report and claim it was not his fault that his dog was wondering around, off the lead and with no muzzle and attacking other dogs – presumably the dog had neglected to get dressed properly before going out and had forgotten its manners. Don’t the Mess AKA Police have a duty to regulate dogs and their owners? How many attacks can a dog make before the owner gets a slap on the wrist? Is it not against the law to have a dog off the lead in an urban area? Is it not illegal to allow your dog to wonder about unsupervised? Rabies is common here so is there no regulation about muzzles?
      No doubt the answer is yes, to most of the above but like so many things in this country nobody can be bothered to enforce the law.

  8. This article doesn`t say the fact that the woman was drunk when she took the pit bull for a walk, which she had been strictly forbidden by the dog owner!!
    It`s his fault too… because these dogs are kept on chains!! No fence!
    Having dogs on chains is in many countries against the law. Idiot!!
    I saw it on TV so I know what I`m talking about.

    Dogs are not born bad or cruel, it`s stupid people who make them that way.
    I know dozens of pit bulls and none of them is aggressive, because they have normal people, loving families.
    STOP Breed Specific Legislation!!! It`s rasist!!!

    1. I am with you. STOP BSL and stop the media from saying every dog attack is a pitbull. The owners are responsible and should go to jail for animal abuse and for being responsible for any damage caused by the animal who was abused to act in that manner.

  9. Bred not Bread ….Plain not Plane ………..worrying if you are let out at knight .

  10. These dogs are dangerous…. even the most gentle and well behaved have turned on their owners! They were bread to take down bulls in Mexico! These dogs have killer instinct! It is a shame, as a family member of mine has a full blood staffordshire bull terrier and is a very well behaved dog…but, this doesn’t mean the dog isn’t capable of doing wrong…. I saw many trained fighting dogs in the US, and they were capable of much more than a human mauling! These dogs are not pets…. they are working dogs with a purpose…. to take the biggest animal down and that is that! The mauling of the dog by the rest of the dogs in the kennel cannot be correct… they would not have done this as a sign of disaproval… it would have been out of defense! Rage is horrifying, plane and simple!

    1. Pitbulls were not bred in Mexico! They are totally American dogs and are not dangerous if brought up like a regular dog! I have 3 pitbull granddogs and my little dogs are around them all the time as is my 1 year old granddaughter. It is never the dog, it is the human would molds them to be dangerous.

      English bulldogs were bred in Britain to torment bulls, again humans in the background. Humans are evil and breed animals to train them to do unspeakable things but what humans do to animals is pure horrific barbarism,

  11. Why did she choose that dog to walk I wonder and now the animal is dead by the vigilante pack ?

    Do I smell a Slovak rat ?

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