Platini says no problem with CR-SR league merger

Platini still open to idea of merger

News portal Panorama AM reports that UEFA President, Michel Platini, announced that he is not against the proposal of the Czech and Slovak football associations to create a single league for both countries, even though in theory this is against UEFA rules.

The two associations presented their joint proposal to UEFA after being given the go ahead from UEFA that it was not categorically against the merger. Platini said on Friday 10 December that he was not negative to the idea, but that a broader analysis was required due to its complexity, as it would affect also the lower leagues because of promotion and relegation.

If given green, the idea could maybe get crowd numbers back up with rival teams making trips next door, but definitely one for debate.


  1. Most people involved in football in the Czech and Slovak Republics seem to like this idea. Especially given the demise in fortunes of several Czech teams over the last couple of seasons, there is no longer the feeling that they are much stronger than their Slovak counterparts.

    The major problem I see with this merger, as much as I would love for it to happen, is the setting of a precedent by UEFA. While it is possible to argue the unique nature of the merger between CZ & SK, as soon as it were to happen, it is inevitable that other countries express a wish to merge their domestic leagues, creating havoc with the structure of football in Europe.

    Personally I don’t see the argument with the lower leagues here. Several clubs even in the top league struggle to get crowds over 1000, and the 1st Division in Slovakia is even worse. As long as there is a route into the joint league for all clubs, then surely the incentive is there, also for smaller teams in invest more to try and join the ‘elite’. This type of structure exists all over European football, with regional leagues feeding into national leagues.

    As things are any decent players coming out of the smaller clubs quickly get signed by the big few anyway or leave to other (usually 2nd rate) European divisions. A recent example is the link between AS Trencin & ADO Den Haag in The Netherlands. A joint league with more money is the only hope of trying to keep some of these players at home and improve football domestically.

    I for one, would absolutely love to see this merger happen. No-one can dispute the fact that Slovan Bratislava v Sparta Prague (in a new stadium in BA?) would generate a hell of a lot more interest than Slovan v Senica at Pasienky, even though this was a 4th v 2nd clash when it was played recently. I really will believe the merger only when I see it, and am not holding my breath at this stage.

    Maybe a better starting point would be to try and merge the cup competitions instead .. either way Britski Belasi will be following with interest all the way!

    1. Most people involved in football in the Czech and Slovak Republics seem to like this idea.
      It’s not a true. Most people in the Czech republic don’t want to merge both national leagues!

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