Playmate Spot Too Hot For Slovak Lot

Steamy playmates (c) Christiano Oliveira

A recent spot promoting the reality show of Playboy king Hugh Hefner’s lifestyle has already provoked over 130 complaints from viewers in the first four days of its transmission, the Broadcasting and Re-transmission Board announced today.

It seems the spot is way too hot for the conservative Slovak public, who are complaining that it disrupts the moral and ethical development of children and the young, with many of them demanding that the spot be banned. The board will therefore act swiftly giving the case a priority because the process must be finished before it can be taken off air.

The negative publicity will probably prove more effective in promoting the show than the trailers would, so win-win situation for publicity.


  1. I am also amazed at the hypocrisy in TV censorship. My kids had nightmares after trailers of vampires were shown early evening. Films that are shown late in the evening are repeated the next day in daytime, even when unsuitable for younger kids. Worth investigating how these policies are set.

  2. TV News makes me laugh as well . All those close ups of dead bodies after a shooting or even worse, after a car accident …. all with a sheet over them, but streams and pools blood seeping from the sides.

    Can anyone tell me why , when I see a country car accident on TV News, the driver always manages to hit, sometimes the ONLY tree in the entire road ???

  3. ūüėÄ What a joke. I was wondering many times how it is possible to run series like Bones, Crime LAPD and other junk in the afternoon or morning hours showing rotten bodies, autopsys, corpses and other stuff ( despite the fact is real funny because everything looks like marshmallows jelly ) because of small chidlren. And when someone is showing slight nudity lets say in “nicest possible version ” people are complaining ;]

  4. Easter is a coming and the goose is getting fat …..Let us all pray .

  5. HaHa, too funny…. too racy for Slovak Television?? They should see how the American public would react if it were on Public Broadcasted channels! Some of the Commercials here in Slovakia are too racy for Americans to deal with. When I see a huge billboard of a half naked women it makes me smile….never in America! People should be careful of what their children are watching, and the fact that they are up past 21:00 is a question of the parents values and their childrens proper development. Anyway, too funny!

  6. So who said children must wach it ?

  7. So the contrived Hotel Paradise is OK?

  8. My nipper told me a racist joke the other day. His driver told it to him. His moral and ethical development has been disrupted. Is there a board I can complain to about this?

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