PM calls for end to immoral political culture

At yesterday’s parliamentary session, Prime Minister Iveta Radicova criticised harshly the lack of morality in Slovak politics in recent years.

She said that in the past four years the Public Procurement Act had been breached so much that it could be regarded as completely useless. She lamented how millions and billions had disappeared in the country without anyone being held accountable.

In this regard, the PM then pointed to the need for a new Attorney General, while pointing out once again that the problem with the Attorney General’s Office is not in what it did, but rather in what it didn’t do.

The PM noted that if she is a spokesperson of anything, it is that of a country where the rule of law prevails, and one which is free of cronyism and corruption. She then invited the opposition “to cooperate” with this, so as to raise the effectiveness of the rule of law and restore the public’s faith in it.

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