PM commemorates the birth of M.R. Stefanik on Bradlo Hill

Politicians and others converged at the birthplace of Milan Rastislav Stefanik (1880-1919) on Bradlo Hill in Brezova pod Bradlom yesterday, 25 July, to commemorate the 130th anniversary of the birth of the man who played an important part in setting up the first Czechoslovak republic.

At the event, PM Iveta Radicova referred to Stefanik as a symbol of the values of freedom, responsibility and patriotism, adding: “We need to know our history and it is our memory that makes us self-confident. It’s the foundation of natural patriotism, and of inner strength and courage”. Parliamentary vice-chairman from the opposition, Robert Fico, also spoke at the event. Other guests included Defence Minister Lubomir Galko and Chief-of-Staff, Lubomir Bulik.

Stefanik was a politician, astronomer and pioneer aviator. His tomb on Bradlo Hill was declared a European Cultural Heritage site in July 2009.

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