PM Fico Caught in Passionate Embrace with Secretary

The Slovak press is full of reports today on how Prime Minister Robert Fico was caught embracing and kissing his young secretary Jana Halászová, after the magazine Plus 7 Dni published photographs yesterday of the PM picking the young lady up from her flat then bringing her home in the small hours, which is when the passionate embrace was caught on camera.

One of the published photographs of PM Fico kissing his secretary

According to the report, the PM collected his assistant after 6 pm on her ‘name-day’ from her flat in Bratislava, unaccompanied by a bodyguard or driver. They then headed off for a 160-km trip to a mansion and restaurant in the village of Čereňany in the region where Fico grew up, where they then spent the next four hours or so before leaving around midnight.

After the journey back, the PM dropped her off at her Bratislava flat, but not before a photographer from the magazine snapped a shot of them having a long kiss goodnight. Ms Halaszova has been at the PM’s side for some time, having worked previously for him at his SMER party headquarters before joining him also at the government office.

In response to the revelations, PM Fico reacted in a similar fashion like when his voice was allegedly caught on a recording talking about parallel financing for his party, or when queried about his involvement with the financial group Penta as part of the now infamous Gorilla secret police transcripts – i.e. claimed innocence, or simply refused to comment.

Front cover of weekly Plus7Dni

Fico’s spokeswoman Beatrice Szaboova relayed his response that it was all just “a farce that was not worth commenting on”, while propping up his alibi by saying how four other people came and left the mansion at the same time as he and his secretary. Ironically, the PM was spotted in a gay bar almost 3 years ago with the very same Ms Halaszova. No further comment will probably be made on the affair, no pun intended.


  1. Shock! Horror! Tut Tut! – BnM may be tonking the hired help!
    Come on now, really guys. Do you imagine the bevy of tottie that seems to shadow every politician are really employed for their shorthand skills? Perks of the job like the 20k watches, limos and free bars.
    You have to wonder about Caspar the Ghost – his regular “spokesman” is more camp than Larry Grayson.

  2. Hey come on guy’s cut him some slack, we all fall in, and out of love!

    1. Slack , Love, Fall etc ?? ……….while the Ayran men will think, what a great macho guy ….but bonking your paid by the State secretary, has got to be the tackiest and biggest abuse of power, I can ever imagine .

      Not an Ayran Slowvak by any chance Slim ???

  3. I am confused which is normal for this neck of the woods…que pasa with the gay bar scenario? Going for faaag-haaag training or were the drinks cheaper during happy hour? My brain is totally spinning over that one. Which bar? Did I miss another great drag show? Are there even gay bars in Blava? Who knew? Detective Georgie, please help me understand!

    1. Gay Clubs??? Under the Ba Castle, in the old safety for all communist government members nuke shelter , or so JB told us all about a year ago …

  4. So apart from the personal trust and judgement in power issues ..which of course Slowvak women will be horrified at his lust actions, while the Ayran men will think, what a great ,macho guy ….bonking your paid by the State secretary, has got to be the tackiest and biggest abuse of power, I can ever imagine .

    In the UK , this would be a scandal and a resigning matter , but as Snooty has claimed this man has no actual backbone, even he has an over active dipstick .

    Has no one noticed that all the `spokeswomen` he employes all look the same…. young, thin, not bad looking, with small breasts ?? Seems to me is you want job with him, you have to be good on your back, no ?

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