PM Fico Hands Out EUR 250M To the Needy

Prime Minister Robert Fico has announced a package of 15 measures intended to raise the living standard of those in need, but analysts agree overall that the government doesn’t really have the promised EUR 250 million or so it plans for the scheme, putting a question mark over whether the idea is not just a populist ploy in the run-up to the 2016 parliamentary elections.

Prime Minister Robert Fico (c) The Daily.SK

The measures included in the package would raise the minimum wage, but also the special Christmas allowance that is handed out to pensioners every year, with the number of places at nursery schools also targeted. PM Fico refuted claims that it was to increase the popularity of his Smer-SD party, while also arguing that it would not endanger the country’s fiscal targets.

Fico’s governing Smer-SD party had a party conference at the weekend, with some changes to ministerial posts expected from Monday as the government reshuffles in preparation for the 2016 elections. The party enjoyed a landslide 44% victory in the last elections, but even Fico doubts that such a result could be repeated, saying it is naive to think so.

Fico also promised to keep gas prices under control, blaming the consistent price hikes on the former foreign shareholders, who, he says, lied to the people.



  1. .A brilliant quote from a Slovak written article about the state of SVK politics:

    “government of some people, by some people, for some people”.

  2. Welcome to Fantasia! A rise in the minimum wage? ….. very good but can employers afford it? …… or will they cut jobs to cover the increased costs?
    Throw money at the aged – very good but Fantasia is on the brink of a pensions black hole – a recent report suggests that by the end of the decade everyone in employment will be supporting 1.3 pensioners – that is if there is any employment or the young don’t leave in greater numbers for greener fields abroad.
    Child care – brilliant idea but try getting it out here in the sticks, it is and always will be a lottery and…… should the tax payer be subsidising working parents?
    Where is this dosh going to come from? – no explanation, no supporting figures. Glorious Leader and Co have become so detached from reality that they believe they can deliver any of their fantasies. Handing out other people’s money is the easiest job in the world but doing so in an attempt to remain in power with little or no regard to the ramifications is “corrupt” ….. and what happens when the purse is empty?

  3. And the catch is… (please no more FICO in 2016)

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