PM Fico Ordered to Apologise to Predecessor Radicova

Prime Minister Robert Fico has been ordered by the courts to give a public apology to his predecessor Iveta Radicova for slanderous comments he made against her, after he accused her of being a liar and suspect of corruption.

Former Slovak PM Iveta Radicova (c) The Daily.SK

Fico’s comments from the summer of 2011 concerned bribery and embezzlement in the case of the Osrblie biathlon facility in preparation of the 2012 world championships. Fico claimed Radicova was involved in the corruption. He should now apologise to Radicova and retract his accusations through the main news wires in the country, but can still appeal the latest ruling, issued by a court in Pezinok last week.

Radicova’s advisor Martin Novotny was one of the accused and funding was allocated to the project also from the PM’s reserve fund, which Fico claimed meant she knew what was going on behind the scenes. You can read about the whole case here.


  1. The fact that a court has to “order” the head clown to apologise just illustrates how devoid of morals, integrity and honour this country is.
    If serving members of this Govt. can renage on assurances made to the EU courts there is little chance of BnM complying with this ruling.
    Downwards!, ever downwards!, Slovakia.

    1. There was a KGB school that up and coming “politics” attended to learn how to lie. Any guesses who attended this school?
      Cut to the chase, BnM has to apologise ( fat chance) because what he said was a lie. Lied once, ergo: lies many times, lie about this, chances are everything else is a lie.
      When he was in opposition I said I would not buy a used car of this guy and you now have him as PM with an overall majority which is being used to “bend” the constitution, circumvent your courts and generally crap on everyone else in the country.
      Please continue to sit on your arses until the chairs disappear – then some of you might do something about it!…… but I doubt it!

  2. No, I am talking about roots on my flash-drives

    1. I just wonder if Paul and Lucy are now a couple and already jumping up and down without a valid business permit to do so , in the Brats Medical Garden ?

      Perhaps you will be invited to join them Vodaaaaaaa, ……only 20 quid a sessions, worth every penny ,or so they both inform me .

  3. BnM accusing someone of being a liar and a crook! Kettle calling a pot black me thinks!

  4. What about the Slowvak National Ice Hockey team ?They should be made to apologise to all Slowvaks for their stunning performance at the World Cup …

    I do notice the Aryans have been very silent about this third rate team only beating another fourth and sixth rate teams ….and even loosing to fellow Third rate teams .

    1. As an Aryan I must say – I am really angry about Slowwwwwwak National Ice Hockey Team.. It’s a huge shame on my aryan race. But it happens because of players with hungarian roots…

      1. Are those roots you are worrying about grass, hair or daisy roots vodaaaaaaa? Just so we are clear on here ?

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