PM Fico Receives Envelope With Suspect Powder

An envelope containing a suspect white powder was delivered to the Government Office today addressed to Prime Minister Robert Fico, leading to specially equipped firefighters being called out to handle the suspect delivery for fear of it being anthrax, news channel TA3 reported today.

Government Office (c) The Daily.SK

After being taken away in a special container for laboratory testing, the powder turned out to be just flour. The incident angered interior minister Robert Kalinak, who noted how these kinds of pranks are just a waste of money.


  1. Kalinak preaching about waste – now there is a joke.
    Some stats that have not made the mainstream media:
    Successive SVK governments have only managed to build 30% of the new roads originally targeted and planned but have managed to grossly exceed the total estimated costs.
    Some of the quoted SVK unemployment figures are calculated as a percentile of the entire population IE included kids at school, pensioners and probably the dead whilst unemployment figures for the Roma continue to be pure fiction because they dont actually know how many Roma there are!
    You can now adopt a pothole – well worth it just for the fishing rights!
    Well known and suspect dad has been a naughty boy – going around to grannies drunk, being abusive and violent – Mmmmmm ……. wonder if thats why the UK SS took the kids in the first place?
    Bobby “times are hard” No Mates has been photographed with his ever expanding collection of designer watches many of which cost more than the average punter could earn in a year – does he have a job on the side?
    The fall out from recent changes to the labour code may not be fully understood until the early summer but top pundits, both foreign and home grown. see the unemployment figures getting worse with little improvement until 2015 so no doubt the figures will be subject to further “creative” adjustments.

  2. Could it be the white power was the decomposed remains of a wad of cash? You know how slow the postal service is!

    1. I thought perhaps it was Cowpats dandruff ….mighty dangerous stuff that .

  3. I bet they were all worried it was some truth drug!!!!!!!!! that would have been a scare….

  4. ~~~The incident angered interior minister Robert Kalinak, who noted how these kinds of pranks are just a waste of money. ~~~

    Yea, right Rob, and chasing a young Hungarian speaking girl that had been beaten by thugs, thought the courts for perjury and spending so much police time and money on trying to nail her, was a bloody good use of taxpayers money eh ?

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