photo (c) John Boyd

PM Files Criminal Complaint in Wiretapping Affair

After the bubble burst on the wiretapping affair, last week it came to light that the military intelligence unit VOS had been wiretapping also PM Iveta Radicova, who has now decided to file a criminal complaint over the issue.

photo (c) John Boyd
Acting PM Iveta Radicova (c) The Daily

VOS had been monitoring the Prime Minister as part of operation Dama (Lady) to get an insight into her position on various issues, including the Hayek affair, which involved tenders for a company involving some of her cabinet. Radicova has called the wiretapping of the highest body of the executive completely unacceptable.

News of the criminal complaint appeared today by newspaper Novy Cas, which also points out how the people responsible cannot be dismissed as there is currently nobody running the Ministry of Defence. It is also not possible to investigate them until they are stripped of their vow of silence, which only the new minister can do.

For the time being, PM Iveta Radicova will be overseeing the Ministry of Defence until a new minister is elected. The SaS party of ousted minister Lubomir Galko wants to hold onto the post, but its three former coalition parties are not so keen on this. The job was already offered to transport minister Jan Figel from KDH, but he declined.


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