PM Radicova calls for support and responsibility

PM Iveta Radicova spoke out at the parliamentary session today, 3 August, against the irresponsible policy that has pervaded the country in the past. She referred to the Government Manifesto as her personal commitment to end this state of affairs, saying it would be “the end of an era in which the best time to resolve acute problems has been tomorrow, next year or in the next election term”.

Radicova believes that her cabinet’s Manifesto will restore trust in the Government’s ability to improve the quality of peoples’ lives in Slovakia. In this respect she called on Parliament to give a vote of confidence in the new government, underlining that without support it is not possible to resolve problems, fight corruption, and help people find jobs.

Radicova  could not refrain from criticising the bad condition in which the government had received the country, mentioning among other things the judiciary, Slovak-Hungarian relations, corruption and the disastrous state of public finances. She said Slovakia had missed out on many opportunities as a country that had gotten reforms off to a good start, while not forgetting to say that some successes had been achieved also under the Robert Fico government.

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