PM Radicova Has Acceptable EFSF Proposal For SaS

PM Iveta Radicova (c) The Daily

Prime Minister Iveta Radicova may have weathered the EFSF storm and talk of a broken cabinet after presenting an acceptable proposal to the SaS party, which has been blocking the latest draft to hike up Slovakia’s contribution to the fund.

Neither PM Radicova nor the SaS party will reveal the details of the latest option until an agreement is signed and sealed, though. Radicova put her offer on the table yesterday at a meeting with head of the SaS parliamentary caucus, Jozef Kollar.

Whatever the latest proposal contains, it seems it will not involve Slovak taxpayers’ money, according to economy minister Juraj Miskov from the SaS party.

In the meantime the government has submitted its proposal to parliament concerning the increased EFSF bailout fund contributions from the initial EUR 4.371 billion to EUR 7.727 billion. Now the government just has to secure enough votes in parliament to push through the measure, meaning the votes of the SaS party.


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